The demand for a good mid-range graphics card is increasing day by day among gamers, video editors, 3D graphics renderers, etc. Moreover, now it’s the perfect time to buy a new graphics card for your PC because the market has now become more stable than before. The only problem with upgrading to a new card right now is that it’s entirely possible that prices will continue to drop even further. Naturally, this is just what happens to products that have been on the market for enough time. For users who don’t currently have a build and desperately need or want one, buying a GPU for a build right now is still a great option, but one that’s likely to become even cheaper as 2023 just started and things are starting to get interesting.

AMD RX 6650 XT

The best budget king graphics card in the market right now. It is simply an overclocked 6600 XT with faster memory. The cores are clocked -2% higher and the GDDR6 memory is 9% faster, both of which have increased the board power rating by 13% to 180 watts. It’s the best 1080p graphics card money can buy. You will not be dissatisfied with its cooling performance. One major flaw with AMD graphics card is that it’s not good for editing but who cares if you are a hardcore gamer. It’s a beast of a card. We highly suggest you buy this card.


GPU: Navi23

Stream Processors: 2,048

Ray Accelerators: 32

TGP: 176W

Base clock: 2,192 MHz

Boost clock: 2,694 MHz


Memory speed: 2,190 MHz

Memory Bus: 128-bit

Interface: PCIe 4.0

Bandwidth: 280.3 GB/s

Outputs: 1 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort 1.4a

Power connector: 1 x 8-pin

Recommended PSU: 650W.


This graphics card has been the gamer’s favorite go to choose for a very long time. In 2023 its decently fast with bargain price. It handles 1080p gaming very well. This card will be for the entry level video editors no doubt in that. It has very good cooling system and good thermals. Only downside of this Nvidia graphics cards are they require high power consumptions.


Model Name GeForce RTX™ 2060 GAMING 6G

Graphics Processing Unit NVIDIA®

GeForce® RTX 2060

Interface PCI Express x16 3.0

Core Clocks Boost: 1680 MHz

CUDA® CORES 1920 Units

Memory Speed 14 Gbps

Memory 6GB GDDR6

Memory Bus 192-bit

Output DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4a)

HDMI x 1(Supports 4K@60Hz as specified in

HDMI 2.0b)

HDCP Support 2.2

Power consumption 160 W

Power connectors 8-pin x 1

Recommended PSU 500 W

Card Dimension (mm) 247 x 129 x 52 mm

Weight (Card / Package) 957 g / 1525 g

DirectX Version Support 12 API

OpenGL Version Support 4.5

Afterburner OC Y

Maximum Displays 4

VR Ready Y


technology Y

Adaptive Vertical Sync Y

Digital Maximum Resolution 7680×4320

  • Nvidia RTX 3060

This mid-range graphics card is our favorite out of these 5. Oh boy! It’s a good graphics card without breaking the buck and its worth every penny. It’s a good graphics card for 1440p gaming too. It has plenty of VRAM for the future also. You can do streaming with NVENC encoder as well as gaming with no compromise in performance. But keep in mind you have to invest a good PSU behind a such a good graphics card.


Codename Ampere-GA106

Architecture-    Ampere

Pipelines    3584 – unified

TMUs-   112

ROPs-   48

Raytracing Cores- 28

Tensor / AI Cores- 112

Core Speed     1320 – 1777 (Boost) MHz

Memory Speed-    15000 effective = 1875 MHz

Memory Bus Width-   192 Bit

Memory Type- GDDR6

Max. Amount of Memory- 12 GB

Shared Memory-   no

Memory Bandwidth-   360 GB/s

API  DirectX 12_2, Shader 6.6, OpenGL 4.6

Power Consumption- 170 Watt

Transistor Count-  12 Billion

Die Size 13250 mm²

technology 8 nm

PCIe 4.0

Displays-    HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a

Features-   NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex, Resizable BAR, NVIDIA Broadcast, NVIDIA Ansel, NVIDIA Shadow Play®, NVIDIA G-SYNC®, VR-ready, Nvidia Omniverse

  • AMD RX 6500 XT

 This graphics card is known as the Return of the budget king of AMD lineup. It requires very low power consumption but delivers frame rates at good level. This graphics card has very high clocks. It will be the graphics card who is still using older CPU, ram and motherboard. Perfect of low budget gamers. Not forget the RDNA 2 capabilities this graphics card offers.


Architecture  Navi / RDNA2

Pipelines  1024 – unified

TMUs 64

ROPs 32

Raytracing Cores    16

Core Speed  2310 MHz

Shader Speed    2815 MHz

Memory Speed   18000 MHz

Memory Type     GDDR6

Max. Amount of Memory    4GB MB

Shared Memory no

API     DirectX 12_2, Shader 6.6, OpenGL 4.4, OpenCL 2.2, Vulkan 1.3

Power Consumption     107 Watt

Transistor Count 5.4 Billion

Die Size   107 mm²

technology    7 nm

PCIe   4.0 x4

Displays   2 Displays (max.), HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a

  • Nvidia RTX 3050

If you don’t want to go with AMD RX 6500xt than Nvidia RTX 3050 would be the best alternative for you. Some specialist (including us) feels like it’s a much better graphics than RX 6500xt but you have to remember that its priced little higher than the 6500xt and consume more power. It may be not an ideal graphics card for a too old computer system. It comes with plenty of VRAM and Full PCIe 4.0 x16 connection. We highly recommend you buy this graphics card.


Codename Ampere GA106

Architecture     Ampere

Pipelines    2560 – unified

Core Speed     1552 – 1777 (Boost) MHz

Memory Speed     1750 MHz

Memory Bus Width     128 Bit Bit

Memory Type  GDDR6

Max. Amount of Memory 8 GB

Shared Memory    no

API  DirectX 12_2, Shader 6.6, OpenGL 4.6

Power Consumption  130 Watt

Transistor Count   12 Billion

technology 8 nm.

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