Gaming has helped us adopt many skills that we don’t even know. How is it possible? Don’t worry most of you reading this vlog must be the age of (18-30) doing jobs or will apply for the next job very job. We got you all covered in this vlog so that you could write the skills in your next CV or add more to your next resume.

Sad but true but at some point in your life you will quit playing video games or will have a hard time maintaining playing your favorite games because of responsibility and vice versa. Though Video games have some demerits there are a lot of benefits and skills you have already adopted if you have been a gamer for a very long time.

The top 6 Gaming Skills you Adopted by default are: –

1. Time Management: – Time is one of the crucial things in our lives, it is independent and never changing. Remember? When you are told by the game to reach or achieve this goal within this given time or you will not proceed to the next level. You try your best to complete the objective and after completing it you will feel good about it.

In this way, you know how valuable time is and you have already grown a mindset or tendency to complete the objective within this period given by your boss or the manager.

2. Observation: – Gamers by nature are very observant because they must look simultaneously at different things on screen while playing the story or competitive games such as time, map, health, enemies, character movement, in-game world, etc.

You notice a change within a very short time or your inner instinct tells you something is wrong about the environment or area you work. Who knows? You can also catch the change of behavior of your coworkers, boss, employees, workers, etc sooner than others. People who are good at observing. Human Resource Manager, Criminologist, Psychologist, etc are the perfect profession for them.

3. Decision Maker: – Remember those AAA games Assassin’s creed series, The Witcher series, Grand theft  Auto series, Cyberpunk 2077, etc you spent hundreds of hours playing, and every little conversation with NPC impacted your gameplay in every possible way good or bad or if you were an Esports gamer who used to play Dota, CSGO, Valorant, etc. you know how punishing a wrong or slow decision it could be as a gamer or In-game leader because you are facing real opponents who are smart as you.

So, you know how quick and good decisions are vital after full observation in your workplace. A wrong decision could hamper the institution and the right decision could be beneficial for your company or institution whether it be financially or production, sales, etc.

4. Leadership: – Leadership has been a crucial part of multiplayer games since the beginning of it because we all know how important the calls or information of an IGL (In Game Leader) is. A true IGL studies the situation of the game, and the enemy team and builds a strategy for winning. Moreover, he knows the strengths and weaknesses of his teammates and assigns them accordingly. He motivates them whenever they lose a round or so.

In professional life, you will notice that it’s not very different in comparison to the game because you motivate your workers, team, etc for a better outcome through proper scrutiny of a project, plan, etc, and do not demotivate them when they do something wrong. You guide them on the right path and take your company or team to a next level.

 5. Extreme Problem and Puzzle Solver: – Games are made for fun in general but remember there are some level or phrase of games you played that was very difficult and confusing to complete. You used to try your best to complete that level for self-satisfaction by brainstorming or discussing with your friends.  After you complete that level or defeat that hard boss you know the victory feels like what you have been trying so hard.

So, by default, you have that inner instinct to complete a certain objective without leaving it behind and complete the task whatever it takes without any excuse, “It needs to be perfect at all cost.”

6. Creative: – If you have been a hardcore gamer or esports player you know how important creative execution is. Sometimes you finish the game how it wasn’t supposed to be ended(Easter egg) or you find out that a boss can be defeated in a different way than nobody has ever done it before. For esports players, you needed to be unpredictable in competitive games because you and your team know how important is to outsmart your enemies for winning. You gamers have that creative nature in you and know how important creativity is to sustain in professional life or to use creativity in business to defeat your competitor for a better outcome. 

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