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Xbox One X takes big cue from Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones | Gaming | Entertainment

The newly announced Xbox One X will join the Xbox One and Xbox One S in Microsoft’s gaming line-up on November 7 this year.

Ahead of the Xbox One X release date, Xbox’s head of console marketing Albert Penello spoke about the amount of Xbox consoles gamers can choose from.

He likened it to the choice smartphone owners face – with Apple and Samsung currently selling multiple versions of the iPhone and Galaxy devices.

Mr Penello said: “If you look at phones, there’s all kinds of different types of names used and people manage to figure it out. 

“You’re gonna know ‘I want the 4K one,’ [you’re gonna know] by price or bundles or colour; I think people will figure out which console they’re buying.”

Both the Xbox One S and the newly announced Xbox One X play 4K videos, 4K Blu-Rays and support HDR.

They also both support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio, and play the same games and use the same accessories.

However, the Xbox One X is a much more powerful console – with 6 teraflops of graphical power.

Microsoft also claim the Xbox One X is “40 per cent more powerful than any other console”.

They have dubbed it the most powerful console ever made.

This extra horsepower means the Xbox One X will be capable of full 4K visuals running at 60fps.

Whereas, the Xbox One S upscales all video output to 4K but does not run games in Ultra HD natively.

With the Xbox One X you can also stream and record clips in 4K resolution at 60FPS.

The Xbox One X will cost £449.99 at launch, whereas the Xbox One S can currently be picked up for just under £200 from Amazon.

In other Xbox news, it looks like Microsoft will announce their new line-up for the Games with Gold programme this week.

Microsoft could announce the Games with Gold July 2017 lineup this Wednesday, leaving fans plenty of time to still pick up the games currently available.

The mid-monthly Gold refresh has just occurred, with Watch Dogs now available to download on Xbox One until July 15.

Dragon Age Origins is also available to download via Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, until June 30.

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