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Xbox One X “Feel True Power” Full Commercial Released Early In Japan: Beautiful!

Throughout this week, Microsoft has been dropping little 30 second teasers from their recent “Feel True Power” campaign showing off the Xbox One X. We’ve seen glory, power, and people getting a little vein-ey … but it looks like the full spot released a little earlier than expected, at least in Japan, so fans of the upcoming powerhouse console can get the full scope of what excitement lies ahead:

This latest (and final) trailer, which will be released later today in other regions, goes a lot deeper into gameplay than the previous teaser ads did. Whether you’re a Halo Wars 2 fan, a Middle-Earth: Shadow of War fanatic, wanting to get down on some Assassin’s Creed: Origins, or just looking to take on the challenge of Cuphead; the above trailer goes into a wide variety of games to show off the optimised features.

There is no denying that the upcoming Xbox One X is powerful, boasting to be the most powerful console on the market and on par with a decent gaming PC. With the list of optimised games continuing to grow to harness “true 4K power”, for those looking for an incredible experience from team Xbox, this is the way to do it. The latest console itself will be dropping this November, perfect for the holiday season.

The Xbox One X will be available in stores everywhere on November 7th, 2017.

To learn more about the surprising amount of innovation that went into this beast of a console, you can check out our previous coverage here with some one on one time with the engineers themselves. See how many ideas were scrapped, late nights, and innovative tweaks went into this next level platform coming from Microsoft.

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