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TumbleSeed To Roll Onto Switch, PS4 & Steam

By Matthew Parker, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author

If you’re an owner of a Switch, odds are that the only ‘must-have’ title you’ve spent time with is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s only natural that a new console will have something of a draught to begin with, so it’s nice to see that the Switch is being supported by a steady stream of smaller titles.

In amongst these smaller titles is TumbleSeed. It’ll be making its way to the Switch, the PS4 and Steam on May the 2nd, so even if you’ve not got Nintendo’s newest hardware you’ll still be able to enjoy this interesting looking roguelike.

The controls and gameplay are simple enough, with you taking charge of a circular seed that rolls and tumbles through the world. It’ll be a real test of skill to weave your seed through the randomly generated levels as the momentum that your roly-poly character has can work for you and against you. As with other roguelikes, you can gain new abilities and equipment as you make your way through the levels, so whilst things will certainly get harder you’ll at least be better equipped to survive.

As well as the game looking promising from the looks of the videos and images we’ve seen, it’s also reassuring to see who the people are behind the game. Joel Corelitz is providing the audio for TumbleSeed and his work has appeared in musically gifted titles like Hohokum and The Tomorrow Children – so it’s easy to imagine that the soundtrack is bound to be well worth listening to. The other name that stands out is Greg Wohlwend who has games like Threes and Ridiculous Fishing on his resume. They’re some of my favourite games that I’ve lost countless hours on so if TumbleSeed is anywhere close to the quality of the games previously mentioned, it’ll be one to look out for.

The only negative I can think of is that I’d really love to see this on mobile. It looks like it’d be perfect, with the simple controls and the tilting mechanic. Plus the fact that it’s a roguelike, you’d imagine it’d be ideal for short bursts of play that end up with you dying rather quickly. Sadly though, there’s no plans for an Android or iOS version. Not yet, at least – we can but hope.

TumbleSeed is launching on the Switch, PS4 and Steam on May 2nd.

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