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The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Gaming Controller Catches These Hands

Video game controllers may not be getting that different these days, but they are becoming more refined. Gamers, whether they’re professional eSports e-athletes or not, want an elite ergonomic experience and premium performance from their controllers, and they are willing to pay premium prices.

Acclaimed PC gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer is about to offer its own solution. As part of the company’s continued push into the console space (with devices like console headphones and arcade fight sticks) Razer has announced its newest Xbox One (and PC) product: The Razer Wolverine Ultimate gaming controller.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller is designed to provide $160 worth of precision and comfort while playing Xbox One or PC games. The bevy of customization options include two swappable D-pads, six different buttons and triggers to remap on the controller itself or through Razer’s Synapse cloud software, and thumbsticks with adjustable heights are shapes. This way, you can craft a controller that feels just right in your hands.

Various tactile switches and “automatic hair-trigger mode” makes the controller viable for competitive play. Of course there’s a microphone and headphone port with a control panel for voice chat, and the braided fiber Micro-USB cable should eliminate any input lag.

The Wolverine also carries over a beloved feature from Razer’s PC products onto consoles: Razer Chroma. The “integrated RGB lighting strip” lets players enhance their controller’s AESTHETICS by cycling through 16.8 million different colors and effects like Spectrum Cycling, Breathing, and Wave.

During a recent visit to the Geek.com New York office, Razer actually let us briefly try out the Wolverine Ultimate. We only played a few rounds of Injustice 2 but that was enough to feel the potential of the controller. Too bad Wolverine (the X-Men hero, not the controller) probably won’t be in Disney’s Marvel vs Capcom Infinite because how perfect would it be to main Wolverine using the Wolverine?

We can’t wait for the fights to come when the Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller for Xbox One and PC launches this September online and globally this holiday.

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