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Bungie made Destiny 2’s shaders and mods controversies worse than they needed to be

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Two of Destiny 2’s biggest controversies to date have been the changes to its shader system, and the gameplay-affecting mods in its loot boxes. Both inspired a huge backlash when they were first discovered, but how much of this was due to the manner of this discovery, rather than its substance? With less than a fortnight until the game’s PC launch, we thought you might like to know if these …

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How New Net Neutrality Rules Could Make Gaming Worse

The internet is in the middle of a fight for its freedom, with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) looking to repeal strict net neutrality rules placed upon ISPs in 2015 order to maintain a fair internet. If this repeal is successful, it opens the online world up to a slew of problems including internet speeds being throttled, costly data caps and paid fast lanes. With major sites from Google to Reddit fighting back against the FCC’s plans, …

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‘Halo,’ ‘NHL,’ Among Gaming Series That Progressively Have Gotten Worse | Consumer Technology

When it comes to video games, success can be a double-edged sword. Once a given franchise becomes a hit, its developers often face pressure to both capitalize on and extend the hype. And although there are some exceptions, many times gaming studios back themselves into creative corners where they must appease old fans as well as attract new ones. Unfortunately, this can lead to some series running off the rails, and losing site of what made …

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