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Iconoclasts Offers the Perfect Combination of Vintage SEGA And Nintendo

The idea of SEGA and Nintendo colliding no longer seems nearly so bizarre as it did back when Sonic Adventure 2 first appeared on GameCube. Remember that? It seemed like the very embodiment of “mass hysteria, dogs and cats sleeping together”. At this point, though, Sonic and Mario have punched the crap out of each other in Smash Bros., competed in Olympic sports together, and generally learned to live in something akin to harmony. However: …

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Vintage Portable TV Turned Retro Gaming System

When [FinnAndersen] found an old TV set by the side of the road, he did what any self-respecting DIY/gaming enthusiast would do: He took it apart and installed a Raspberry Pi 3 running RetroPie in it in order to play retro games on a retro TV! [Finn] took the CRT out of the TV before realizing that it actually worked. It was already too late, so [Finn] ordered a 12″ LCD screen to put in its …

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The games that used to be, the games to be.

By Tom Peden, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author I take a look back of some of the best memories of my childhood and relive some of the greatest and most mind-blowing games I played during those times. If I was Marty McFly and I had the Delorean, I wouldn’t be so hasty going back to the future if I had these games for company. Without giving my age away too much, I’m old enough to …

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Controversial Vintage Video Game NIGHT TRAP is Getting a PS4 and Xbox One Re-release

In the ’80s and early ’90s, video games were like the Wild West. Any developer could essentially release whatever sort of content they wanted without having to answer to anybody. For example: the a 1992 Sega CD game called Night Trap, which featured live-action video of content that could be (and was) considered “sexual.” It was so controversial, in fact, that it and a handful of other games are considered the catalysts for the ESRB rating …

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Vintage gaming store opens in northern New Mexico – Washington Times

Vintage gaming store opens in northern New MexicoWashington TimesFARMINGTON, N.M. (AP) – A new store and game room that recently opened its doors in downtown Farmington is targeting fans of vintage video game systems. Oldskool Gaming is owned and operated by Allen and Lori Barber. In addition to buying, selling … and more » Source link

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