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Gaming laptops, a tough sell in Nepal – Money

Oct 12, 2017-Gaming laptops are a tough sell, especially in Nepal where price is the most important factor for many customers looking to pick up a new laptop. But global brands such as Asus, MSI, Dell and Apple are offering a wide range of gaming laptops at different price points to cater to all segments of the market. From budget oriented gaming laptops to the ultra premium, Nepali customers have the option to choose the …

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When Real-Life Female Friendships are Tough, Games Can Help

“We have to have a girls’ night soon!” That’s how a female acquaintance—the one I can say I’m fairly close to—always concludes our monthly lunch date. Despite her cheery insistence, it never happens, but that doesn’t stop me from dreading the possibility.I know that if I go, I’ll listen to everyone discuss their marriages, jobs, kids, wishing I were worlds away while also yearning to fit into their tidy lives. “Girls’ night” is a nice …

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Microsoft’s Xbox One X is still a tough sell

But while it looked better, seeing the Xbox One X in action made it abundantly clear that it’s something only hardcore gamers will appreciate. The $250 Xbox One S is still a very capable machine, especially if you’re stuck with a 1080p screen. Even if you’ve got a 4K TV, the One S also features 4K Blu-ray, and it upsamples games to the higher resolution (though that’s no match for actually rendering them with more …

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Being an ethically responsible, free range vegan Slime Rancher is tough

Slime Rancher is a strange and beautiful game about selling poop, more or less. It presents screens full of smiling, gently bobbing globules – which you can bend to your will using an immensely satisfying vacuum gun – and lets you farm them for profit. Put said globules in pens, feed them things and harvest their droppings, then laugh all the way to the bank. As business plans go, it’s right up there. Slime Rancher …

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When the going got tough, Nintendo and Microsoft decided to go for broke on video-game strategy

Facing speculation that they would have to reboot or rethink their video game businesses to respond to rival Sony’s dominance, Nintendo and Microsoft instead doubled down on what makes their devices stand out. LOS ANGELES — Nintendo was hemmed in on both sides and in deep trouble. The company’s Wii U video-game console, an effort to add a small, semiportable screen to the hit motion-sensing Wii, was a flop. And Nintendo’s handheld consoles, descendants of …

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