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Dying: Reborn for Xbox One review – A surreal indie horror adventure

Beware the fish-head man! E-Home Entertainment, a joint venture between Microsoft and Oriental Pearl Group, is responsible for publishing Xbox One games in China and then releasing those games abroad. One such game is Dying: Reborn, a first-person horror adventure game with a pleasantly bizarre and creepy atmosphere. Where else will you encounter a man with the head of a fish? See on the Xbox Store A killer headache is only the beginning As Dying: …

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Win a Steam key for surreal puzzle game Back to Bed! Become the subconscious guardian of your dreams

Live your dreams and become a subconscious guardian named Subob. Well, live someone’s dreams. In your role as Subob you will battle to protect your unconscious counterpart, Bob, from any danger and guide him back to the safety of his bed. To do this, you’ll journey through a series of isometric puzzle levels in the form of surreal painting-like cityscapes where the boundary between dreams and reality have vanished. Enjoy this serene and artistic dream …

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Featuring evil sloths and glam metal pugs, the surreal Paradigm comes to Steam April 5

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Funded on Kickstarter all the way back in October 2014, the utterly surreal adventure game Paradigm is finally launching on Steam April 5. Starring a failed genetic experiment who just wants to become the world’s best electronic musician, this bonkers point and click adventure has players meeting such colourful characters as a beatboxing eggplant, a psychopathic superhero and an evil sloth that vomits chocolate bars. It’s no King’s Quest, that’s …

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