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Editorial: Nintendo’s Surprising Fanbase is a Major Strength, Which Bodes Well for Switch

As a ’90s kid I was only really aware of two main groups of gamers – kids and teenagers. It was a pre-internet age, so the points of reference were limited, but I doubt I was that far off. ‘Gaming’ had been a thing in the ’70s and ’80s, of course, but a rapid expansion of the industry – after Atari somewhat went off a cliff – was arguably driven by Nintendo and SEGA in …

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UGA football: Keith Marshall, following surprising child with Xbox One: ‘It’s important to bless others’

It was an otherwise regular day for two NFL players. Keith Marshall, a former Georgia running back who is with the Washington Redskins, needed to make a trip to a Verizon store for a new cellphone. His teammate, fellow Redskins running back Rob Kelley, was along for the ride. While Marshall was looking for a phone, Kelley stepped into a GameStop store located in the same shopping area. When Marshall was finished at Verizon, he …

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Metroid Prime 4’s Surprising Early Reveal Explained By Nintendo

by Nathan Birch | June 17, 2017 (Photo: Nintendo) In recent years Nintendo has become rather cautious about revealing games. More often than not, new titles are only unveiled months, if not weeks, before they’re set to be released. It can be a somewhat frustrating policy for fans, but its one that keeps expectations and hype levels carefully in check. For the most part, Nintendo stuck to their blueprint at E3 2017. Almost everything …

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3 surprising facts about the gaming industry

In 1995 there were 100 million gamers worldwide; today that number has climbed to 2.6 billion. Interactive gaming has evolved rapidly since the early days of arcade cabinets and Atari systems. What was once a one or two-player experience is now shared widely around the globe. In 1995 there were 100 million gamers worldwide; today that number has climbed to 2.6 billion. Revenue for the global gaming industry is estimated at $100 billion, …

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Origin PC has a new gaming laptop at a surprising price

Origin PC High-end custom gaming PC makers are known for great performance, great customer support — and high prices. That’s often left PC gamers with modest budgets stuck with off-the-shelf options from big mainstream brands such as Dell, HP or Lenovo. Those familiar names make some excellent, reasonably priced gaming laptops, but sometimes you want the extra service and attention to detail of a specialty brand. Origin PC has just announced a new version of …

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