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Modern Warfare Remastered standalone is $40 and doesn’t include DLC

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Activision said it wasn’t happening, but guess what – Modern Warfare Remastered is coming out on its own, meaning you won’t have to buy an expensive edition of COD: Infinite Warfare just to play it.   Check our list of the best war games for more shootybangs.  The trailer gives a PS4 release date of June 27, though it’s noted that other platforms will release at a later date. It’s …

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Kreedz Climbing is now a standalone game

Kreedz Climbing, or Counter-Strike’s “kz_platforming’ map, is now a standalone game title available on Steam.  Need some other free-to-play games to try out? Check out our list of some of the best titles out there.  Touted as a “nonviolent platformer” that pits players against the clock as they fight their way to the finish in courses that challenge their skills, it’s available via Steam as a free-to-play game.  The standalone release includes 120 maps, various …

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Stand-alone virtual reality gaming headset unveiled

Newly appointed Google CEO Sundar Pichai joined Google shortly after its creation in 2004. WSJ?s Dan Gallagher looks at how he rose to become the company?s CEO. Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address at the Google I/O 2017 conference. Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP GOOGLE will take on Sony’s PlayStation with its own stand-alone virtual reality gaming headset this year that would not need to be plugged into a games console, a computer, or …

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Telkom’s Digital Gaming League is now the stand-alone VS Gaming

The Digital Gaming League, or DGL, has been synonymous with competitive gaming locally for as long as I can remember now, with Telkom’s name always hovering behind. Esports locally have seen massive change over the past year alone, with new competitors in the shape of Mettlestate seeking to boost opportunities on their own turf. The DGL needed to evolve, and it has. From this point on, Telkom’s DGL is no more – replaced instead by …

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Pathologic standalone demo The Marble Nest lets everyone experience plague hallucinations for free

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Pathologic is a weird oddball of a game. Originally released back in 2005, the its full modern remake is due for release later this year. If that’s too long a wait for you though, developer Ice-Pick Lodge have today released The Marble Nest: a free teaser game that offers a story set parallel to Pathologic. Previously only available for backers of the Pathologic Kickstarter campaign, The Marble Nest clocks in …

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