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Torchlight and Hob developer Runic Games has shut down (Updated)

Update: Amid the somber news, Runic Games co-founder Travis Baldree has launched a fact-filled Twitter thread to celebrate the studio’s nine-year history. Here are some highlights:  [2/?] Runic Games was first registered as ‘Surprise Truck’ and I got many calls asking if ‘Surprise Trucking’ could do a cross-country move.November 3, 2017 [7/?] The first Torchlight prototype involved a test model that looked remarkably like Jesus, dual wielding swords.November 3, 2017 [11/?] Torchlight 1 was made …

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DOOM Nintendo Switch Devs Want You To Shut Up About Resolution And Hardware

Start Slideshow The Nintendo Switch continues to surpass everyone’s expectations while delivering on their pre-launch promise of more third party support than ever before. We knew that Bethesda’s Skyrim was coming to the portable console from the Big N, but when they also announced that the popular DOOM title, as well as Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, were also making their way – fans were hyped. But that doesn’t mean the journey has been easy and …

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EA have shut down Visceral Games, and will reboot their Star Wars title

EA have shut down Visceral Games. The studio had most recently been responsible for Battlefield Hardline, and was perhaps best known for creating Dead Space. Visceral Games had been working on an untitled Star Wars game with Amy Hennig, formerly the creative director of the Uncharted franchise. According to EA’s official statement, this game is moving to the hands of a team from “across EA Worldwide Studios,” led by a core group from EA Vancouver. …

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200% more Steam games were launched after Greenlight shut down

Valve’s Greenlight replacement, Steam Direct, has seen a sharp spike in the number of games released on Steam in the month since its launch. But is that a legacy of the Greenlight backlog or symptomatic of a new wave of indie gaming? Read more: the best indie games around today. The CEO of ICO Partners, a games consultancy company based in Brighton, recently tweeted about the number of games released on Steam for each week …

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Gaming Week in Review: Pixelmon ‘Minecraft’ mod shut down, ‘Starcraft II’ implements cosmetic skins

The “Minecraft” Pokemon mod, Pixelmon, has been shut down by the Pokemon Company. “Minecraft” and “Pokemon” are two of the most popular game franchises of the last generation, so it’s no surprise that a group of committed fans decided to combine the two. The Pixelmon Mod team used its skills to bring “Pokemon’s” colorful denizens to “Minecraft’s” blocky world. But like many “Pokemon” fan creations before it, it just wasn’t meant to be. The Pokemon …

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