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Bungie made Destiny 2’s shaders and mods controversies worse than they needed to be

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Two of Destiny 2’s biggest controversies to date have been the changes to its shader system, and the gameplay-affecting mods in its loot boxes. Both inspired a huge backlash when they were first discovered, but how much of this was due to the manner of this discovery, rather than its substance? With less than a fortnight until the game’s PC launch, we thought you might like to know if these …

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Destiny 2’s shaders are one-use and can drop from loot boxes – the community aren’t happy

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Update September 7, 2017: After the scandal of gameplay-affecting items being available for real money, the new shader economy adds another wrinkle to Destiny 2’s microtransactions model. In a change from the original game, Destiny 2’s shaders are one-use, and no longer apply to all your armour pieces at once.  Like flashy stuff? Here is every Exotic weapon in Destiny 2. In the original Destiny, once you unlocked a shader, …

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Destiny 2’s weapons and armour have individual shaders

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube The Destiny 2 beta is live on PlayStation 4, which means news is trickling out about the game’s features. One thing we haven’t seen before is the weapon and armour detail screen, which fills in some of the last blanks about how your gear will work. Headline news: Legendary gear (the most important) will get up to three new mod slots, handling infusion, elemental damage on energy weapons, and individual …

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