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Torchlight and Hob developer Runic Games has shut down (Updated)

Update: Amid the somber news, Runic Games co-founder Travis Baldree has launched a fact-filled Twitter thread to celebrate the studio’s nine-year history. Here are some highlights:  [2/?] Runic Games was first registered as ‘Surprise Truck’ and I got many calls asking if ‘Surprise Trucking’ could do a cross-country move.November 3, 2017 [7/?] The first Torchlight prototype involved a test model that looked remarkably like Jesus, dual wielding swords.November 3, 2017 [11/?] Torchlight 1 was made …

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Inside the ever-shifting levels of Runic

Hob is an action-adventure title in the vein of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This latest release from Runic Games (Torchlight) encourages you to solve environmental puzzles with subtle lighting cues and camera direction, while gradually feeding you bits of narrative that pull you in deeper. Gamasutra had the pleasure of talking to Runic’s Patrick Blank, game director and lead level designer of Hob, about the well-received game in a recent Twitch stream. We’ve transcribed …

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