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Going Retro – The SNES is back

By Tom Peden, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author When Nintendo announced the release of the SNES Classic Mini it took me straight back to the day I played my first console. I was five when my dad brought home a SNES, and as soon as I entered the world of Hyrule and played my first Zelda game, I was hooked. Retro gaming is having something of a revival as of late, as remastered versions of …

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Retro-gaming emulators no longer permitted on Windows Store | VentureBeat | PC Gaming

You’ll have to jump through a few more hoops to get old video games working on your PC. Microsoft’s official app store is now blocking support for programs that enable you to play ROMs for retro games on your PC. The company has updated the terms of its Windows Store, and it now includes explicit language that prohibits the inclusion of emulators on any device. That means Windows Phone, Windows 10 PCs, and Xbox One …

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