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‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ is a Win for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto knows how to make an entrance. His presence was a welcome surprise during Ubisoft’s E3 2017 presentation at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. He was there alongside Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot to announce a new partnership between the companies, and a new game: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Screams erupted in the theatre as Miyamoto, who’s the creative force behind childhood Nintendo heroes such as Link from Legend of Zelda, made …

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch launch date REVEALED at E3 2017

HOPPING MAD Super Mario meets crazed rabid rabbits in what’s got to be one of the most bonkers game concepts for 2017 AN utterly loopy crossover game which feature’s Nintendo’s Mario and Ubisoft’s Rabbids has been unveiled at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). There had been whispers of a collaboration between the gamemakers for some time. It’s official, Mario will star alongside the Rabbids in a brand new Switch game To mark the occasion, Nintendo …

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Nintendo Is Preparing Mario and Rabbids Amiibo, According to Leaked Image

The saga of the upcoming Switch title Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been a rather odd one, bucking the traditional flow of how Nintendo games tend to make themselves known. That said, it does fall a bit closer in line with Ubisoft’s recent woes: leaks, leaks, and more leaks. The game was vaguely hinted at by Laura Kate Dale ahead of the Switch’s release, then subsequently confirmed via box art in late May of this …

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Report: Insider details Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle amiibo support and more

Please be advised that the information below has not been verified or confirmed by Nintendo or Ubisoft. ComicBook’s video game division, WWG, has released even more details about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. In response to last week’s leaked announcement and feelings that were stirred up in the Nintendo fandom, Liam Robertson spilled some extremely interesting information. Supposedly, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been in development for years and even had Wii U prototypes. …

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New Details About Mario + Rabbids: Kingom Battle Confirmed for Switch – News

Yes – Ubisoft is making a Mario RPG with their Rabbids and it’s weird. Exclusive details and images within. A more firm confirmation of the rumored Mario and Rabbids game has leaked out and we’re able to confirm that, yes, Nintendo and Ubisoft are working on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on Switch and it is due out later this summer. We received a few images from a source that are embedded in this article, …

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