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Path of Exile for Xbox One beta preview: How well does this popular RPG play out on console?

Path of Exile recently hit closed beta on Xbox One, and we’ve been slaughtering our way through Wraeclast ever since. Announced in March, 2017, Path of Exile is finally making the leap to console, starting with the Xbox One and Xbox One X. On Xbox One X, Path of Exile will enjoy enhanced visuals and a 4K resolution, and having seen the game running on Xbox One X myself at E3 2017, those of you …

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Eating Taco Bell Could Be Your Path To Winning An Xbox One X

Microsoft’s Xbox One X console will cost $500 when it launches this November, but you can possibly get one for free … by eating Taco Bell. Starting on August 31, the $5 Steak Quesarito box will come with a code that you can redeem for a chance to win. There will be a lot of winners, it seems, as Microsoft says in a news release that a potential winner will be selected every 10 minutes …

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How To Sign Up For The Path of Exile Beta on Xbox One

Path of Exile has been a mainstay for PC gamers looking for that elusive spiritual successor to Diablo 2 and now console gamers are going to get a crack at the action. Path of Exile is the latest Action-RPG coming to consoles, joining Marvel Heroes Omega, but Path of Exile will just be coming to the Xbox One as of now. Like Marvel Heroes, Path of Exile is having a beta period before the launch …

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E3 2017: Hands On With Path Of Exile: The Fall Of Oriath Expansion On Xbox One

Path of Exile has been a bit of oddity for the years it’s been out on PC. As a free to play loot based action RPG, it’s got a reputation for holding its own against larger titles like Diablo III, and has since built a large and dedicated following of its own. Now, they’re gearing up for their largest expansion in years with The Fall of Oriath, which brings players back to where the story …

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Arms is the Latest Conquest in Nintendo’s Path to Make the Most Stylish Characters in Games

When Twintelle was announced as a character in Arms just weeks ago, it felt like Twitter exploded. Fan art littered the skies of timelines, and love showered down upon Nintendo. People were so enthusiastic about a single character in a game they—at that point in time—had not even played yet. It was fandom at it’s most raw and ravenous. Arms feels like the next step (or rather, hit) in the natural progression of New Nintendo. …

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