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Here’s 23 minutes of Monster Hunter: World gameplay, with cooking and terrain destruction

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube It’s Tokyo Game Show this week, which means new trailers and gameplay footage for a host of upcoming games. It’s been a big show for Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, which has got a new trailer, a cameo in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and now, more than 20 minutes of new gameplay footage. For more epic questing and monster slaying, check out the best RPGs on PC. Monster Hunter: World marks …

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Watch ten minutes of explosive Crackdown 3 open-world gameplay

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube If you’ve played either of the first two Crackdown games, you’ll probably know what to expect from Crackdown 3: imprecise but fun gunplay, daft cars, the ability to throw daft cars, and plenty of jumping. Really, though, it’s a game about jumping – jumping around and collecting agility orbs so you can jump even higher.  For more freeform fun, check out our list of the best sandbox games.  Instead of …

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Looks Killer In 20 Minutes Of 4K Xbox One X Footage

At E3 2017 Ubisoft pulled the shroud off Assassin’s Creed Origins, showing a nice slice of gameplay. That said, most of the footage that’s made its way online has been off-screen or, at best, encoded at 1080p. Well, now you can watch 20 minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origins running on Xbox One X in all its 4K glory, courtesy of British retailer Game. Obviously, you’ll need a 4K monitor to get the full effect, but …

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Agony has 15 minutes of uncensored body horror for you

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Sometimes a game comes along with a name that tells you everything, and Agony is one of those. If you fancy crawling through a literal hell composed of mashed and contorted human beings, chased by horned monsters, this is the one for you. Read more: the best horror games on PC. There’s a lengthy new gameplay video doing the rounds that shows you exactly the kind of Dante-esque horror you’re …

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Press Release Suggests E3 Nintendo Spotlight Will be About 30 Minutes

Following today’s Pokémon festivities, Nintendo of Europe sent out a press release confirming details around E3 live streams and the multiple ‘Invitational’ events. It also touched upon timings for the Nintendo Treehouse live demonstrations, with the wording indicating a runtime of around 30 minutes for the showpiece ‘Nintendo Spotlight’ broadcast. Below is the relevant press release excerpt. On Tuesday, June 13, the show starts right after the Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 presentation about 9:30 a.m. …

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Bethesda and Arkane show off the first 35 minutes of Prey

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube If you don’t want to be spoiled at all, look away now. To help build excitement ahead of its May 5 launch, Bethesda and Arkane have released a 35 minute walkthrough which shows off the beginning of sci-fi shooter Prey. It starts off fairly normal enough, before all hell breaks loose on Talos I and you have to find out what on Earth has happened to the place. If you …

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