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Horizon Zero Dawn: We Got a Lot, But Not Enough

By Kundai Murapa, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author Please share. Horizon Zero Dawn burst out the gates screaming and blasting its disk launchers with a mechanical fervour so well polished it left a permanent sheen in living rooms across the world. The PS4 finally gets put through its paces by a game that rides the redline in terms of graphical output and does it so near flawlessly it should be called Horizon Zero Bugs. But besides …

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Why Horizon Zero Dawn Is So Addictive

Share. Can’t pry me away from my bow and arrow. By Esmeralda Portillo Usually, when there are a few games I’m interested in that come out at once, I pick them all up and switch between them frequently. I try to make the most out of the limited gaming time I have. Something about that changed in March. Around the office there was a particular phrase I kept overhearing, “I can’t play anything else right …

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Deactivating HUDs Makes for Better Gameplay

By Austin Van Meter, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author Health points, equipped gear, and mini-maps are constantly taking over the screen. Video games are beautiful works of art that need to be seen. No matter what console I play, Heads Up Displays (HUDs) are in almost every game to date. While they can provide valuable information, they can also prohibit the appreciation of games. Recently, I started my journey of re-playing games that I have already …

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