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Mario + Rabbids reduces Nintendo’s famous hero to the pop-culture icon he’s become

Screenshot: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle/Ubisoft The opening scene of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle depicts Nintendo’s hero as we rarely see him within his own series: as the real-world pop-culture icon that he is. To explain how Ubisoft’s mischievous Rabbids ended up meeting Mario and the gang, Kingdom Battle sets up a wacky story where an inventor in what appears to be our world creates a headset that can fuse together any two objects …

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Dauntless developer says he’s ‘super excited’ about Monster Hunter: World

Dauntless has often been described, including by us, as being a lot like Monster Hunter. In fact, Tom called it “the PC Monster Hunter game we’ve all been waiting for” in his January hands-on. So when an actual Monster Hunter game was announced at E3, the potential for awkwardness was clear. But the developers of Dauntless are taking it in stride: Executive producer Jesse Houston told Polygon that he’s “super excited” about Monster Hunter: World, …

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