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Staunton’s Greater Good Gaming wants to change the way you think about video gamers

STAUNTON – You open your eyes and glance at the clock sitting on the bedside table. It’s 4 a.m. You turn your head in the direction of the doorway and glance down the hallway. You can hear it. That faint familiar sound you have come to know so well. As you put on your robe and make your way to your child’s bedroom you see the flickering light seeping through the cracks of his door.  You take …

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Xbox One’s next update will give greater meaning to achievements and focus on esports

 Microsoft is teasing changes to the way Xbox Achievements work. In an podcast with Windows Central, Xbox platform corporate vice president Mike Ybarra discussed the Xbox Fluent Design update which is coming to Xbox One in autumn. Ybarra says the team has ‘bigger, more bolder changes’ in mind, including something that ‘fundamentally changes the concept’ of Achievements, especially in the context of the rising popularity of esports. The aim of these changes is to evolve …

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