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Dying: Reborn for Xbox One review – A surreal indie horror adventure

Beware the fish-head man! E-Home Entertainment, a joint venture between Microsoft and Oriental Pearl Group, is responsible for publishing Xbox One games in China and then releasing those games abroad. One such game is Dying: Reborn, a first-person horror adventure game with a pleasantly bizarre and creepy atmosphere. Where else will you encounter a man with the head of a fish? See on the Xbox Store A killer headache is only the beginning As Dying: …

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Riot vow to act after designer talks about a streamer dying of cancer

Over the weekend, Aaron ‘Sanjuro’ Rutledge, lead experience designer on League of Legends, said of a streamer that “its fine he’ll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids… then we’ll be gucci.” Here’s the latest changes to the world’s biggest MOBA: our League of Legends patch 7.20 notes. Sanjuro was talking about loltyler1, a League streamer who once proudly called himself the most toxic player in North America. He now …

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Dying Light dev Techland launches its own online game store

Techland, the Polish game developer and publisher behind Dying Light and Call of Juarez, is giving PC gamers a new place to buy games. Techland’s digital distribution service, Gemly, is now selling software for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Gemly’s library of games is comparatively smaller to what’s available from more established services like Steam and GOG. The catalog includes Techland-developed titles like Dying Light: The Following and software the company publishes, like Torment: Tides …

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Dying Light developers Techland have launched a new storefront called Gemly

Independent videogame developers and publishers Techland have launched a new digital distribution platform where players can buy both their games and third-party titles. The storefront promises to offer exclusive products from Techland. Keep an eye on our upcoming PC games list for all future hits.  It sounds like Techland are going down the Origin route, making a single place where their games can be purchased. The main difference is, the games bought there will not …

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Community creators say the Dota 2 workshop is “dying” because Valve are taking a larger cut

The Steam workshop is quietly one of the best things in games. An easy way for artists to make and distribute high quality content for their favourite games – usually CS:GO and Dota 2 – while the best get paid. Unfortunately, according to a conglomerate of Dota 2 workshop artists, it’s getting to the point where it isn’t viable as a full time job due to a series of changes by Valve. As for the …

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