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The Xbox One X will support 1440p displays

The Xbox One X is being marketed heavily as a 4K-focused machine, but it turns out that’s not the only way to get greater resolution than 1080p. Unexpectedly, the One X will also natively support 1440p (2560 x 1440) monitors, as confirmed by Microsoft’s Kevin Gammill on Twitter. 1440p is a popular resolution for high-end gaming monitors, particularly among players who like to prioritize framerate. While it’s unlikely that many developers will specifically target 1440p …

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PSA: New Xbox One dashboard displays your email address. Here’s how to hide it

The latest update to the Xbox One console definitely packed in a lot more changes than was officially announced. In addition to the new loading screen and removal of OneGuide (now Entertainment), the new Dashboard now shows, by default, the active user’s email address associated with their Microsoft/Xbox account. This was probably done as a way for users to differentiate themselves from other logged-in users on the same console or maybe to remind them of …

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This is what Xbox games look like on ‘Project Scorpio,’ on 4K and 1080p displays (exclusive images)

We recently got a look at the visual improvements that will be available to owners of the upcoming “Project Scorpio” Xbox. And they’re exciting, to say the least. We exclusively revealed that Project Scorpio would be able to provide various visual enhancements, even on 1080p TVs thanks to supersampling. The 4K images powered by Project Scorpio will provide noticeable improvements even without a 4K TV. Now we have a look at some of the ways …

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