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Dauntless developer says he’s ‘super excited’ about Monster Hunter: World

Dauntless has often been described, including by us, as being a lot like Monster Hunter. In fact, Tom called it “the PC Monster Hunter game we’ve all been waiting for” in his January hands-on. So when an actual Monster Hunter game was announced at E3, the potential for awkwardness was clear. But the developers of Dauntless are taking it in stride: Executive producer Jesse Houston told Polygon that he’s “super excited” about Monster Hunter: World, …

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Visit Dauntless’ multiplayer hub, Ramsgate, to become the prettiest Slayer in all the land

Dauntless wouldn’t be much of a Monster Hunter-alike without a lovely little hub town where you can mess about with your equipment before heading out into the fray. Ramsgate, a windswept town at the edge of its fantasy landscape, serves that purpose.  Check our list of upcoming PC games for more future hits.  Ramsgate is a windy settlement, battered by rain, and stricken by grief – every person here has seen a loved one die …

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The Founder’s Packs in Dauntless guarantee you access to the alpha and beta

Phoenix Labs have lifted the lid on Founder’s Packs for Dauntless, their upcoming free-to-play Monster Hunter-alike. If you decide to put some money down in advance, you can get a host of in-game benefits, as well as guaranteed access to the closed beta and even the alpha.  For more games for nowt, check our list of the best free PC games.  For Dauntless, there are three tiers you can choose from if you just can’t …

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Dauntless allows players to increase material drop rates with boosts from its in-game store

Revealing more about Dauntless’ crafting and loot gathering systems, Phoenix Labs have revealed how players smith weapons and armour in a new blog post. To increase their efficiency in the field, slayers can buy temporary boosts via Dauntless’ in-game store which makes slain behemoths drop more materials. For someone on a budget, here is our list of the PC’s best free games. With Dauntless being all about the cycle killing monsters to get loot to …

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Slay them with your looks – Phoenix Labs reveal more about Dauntless’ armour system

In a blog post over the Dauntless website, developer Phoenix Labs have revealed more about how players craft and customise their suit of armour to look like the coolest slayer around. With different inlays, finishes and more, the fashion world can be as ruthless as the monster hunting business. Check out our interview with Phoenix Labs president, Jesse Houston. As you slay bigger and more exotic monsters, your wardrobe will obviously grow and change to …

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Dauntless boss on the game and his company – “We cannot go anywhere near putting weapons behind a paywall”

Hybrid MMO/Monster Hunter action game Dauntless is hitting a very specific niche, and hitting it hard. Since announcement it’s garnered serious attention from an underserved subset of gamers who really want to kill giant enemies – Behemoths – gather loot, and do it all with their friends. The game was being shown off at PAX East, and right there on the show floor Phoenix Labs’ president Jesse Houston talked to us about the game, his …

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