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Nintendo Climbing the Ranks for the Championship Belt in the Wake of E3 2017

Nintendo Comeback Looking Possible After E3 Performance Nintendo is getting older and so are many of their fans. Now, this may feel like an obvious statement, but I’m saying it because, over the past few years, Nintendo seems to have forgotten this more than anyone else. Nintendo has been a beloved staple in gaming since the early 1980s because they have always put out hardware and content with a certain expectation of polish. Now, more than …

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Kreedz Climbing is now a standalone game

Kreedz Climbing, or Counter-Strike’s “kz_platforming’ map, is now a standalone game title available on Steam.  Need some other free-to-play games to try out? Check out our list of some of the best titles out there.  Touted as a “nonviolent platformer” that pits players against the clock as they fight their way to the finish in courses that challenge their skills, it’s available via Steam as a free-to-play game.  The standalone release includes 120 maps, various …

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