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Chime in: What excites you the most about the Xbox One X?

The Xbox One X is rapidly approaching — there’s less than a month to go! 4K games, 4K game recording, and 4K media powered by 6TF internals, and advanced cooling. The Xbox One X certainly looks beastly on paper, and the excitement from the hardcore crowd is certainly reaching fever pitch. By all accounts, it looks as though the Xbox One X will have the best looking console games for the foreseeable future. Still, games …

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Chime in: What does your Xbox One TV setup look like?

Do you use your Xbox One for over the air TV? Let us know what your setup looks like in the forums. When the Xbox One first launched in 2013, Microsoft drove home the console’s capabilities as a media device. With TV, film, and music all integral to the experience, the console attempted to encompass all forms of digital entertainment across the company’s various services. Nearly four years down the line, it’s a slightly different …

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Chime in: What PC games are you looking forward to?

There are some great upcoming PC games on the horizon, including the likes of X4, Surviving Mars, Star Citizen, and Pillars of Eternity 2. What are you looking forward to playing? There has never been a better time to be a PC gamer, whether you’re into the latest AAA titles like Destiny 2, indie gems like Terraria, or even classics like Heroes of Might and Magic. Platforms like Steam, GOG and now Microsoft’s own Windows …

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Chime in: Your thoughts on the latest Xbox One Insider OS update

Microsoft recently released 1710 Xbox OS builds to members of the Alpha and Beta Xbox Insider ring. We’ve been kicking the tires on the latest release, but we want to hear from you with your thoughts. Are you a member of the Xbox Beta Insider ring? Have you downloaded the latest Xbox Insider update? If so, you know it packs a number of solid enhancements, including changes to the Home menu and a new Light …

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Chime in: What are your favorite Xbox One accessories?

Picked up a new controller? Found a must-buy third-party accessory? Share your favorite Xbox One add-on with us in the forums. As with any modern devices, we all love to customize our digital experiences. From PCs, phones or even games consoles, there are a huge number of features built to add those much-needed personal flairs to the software we use. Even on a hardware-basis, choosing the color of a product can be a huge aspect …

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