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Handheld 3D body scanner uses motion-sensing chip from Nintendo Wii

 Why can’t handheld ultrasound devices come with the same motion-sensing technology inside a video game controller?Getty Images/ Joshua Lott ER doctors and engineers have harnessed the motion-sensing technology in Nintendo Wii controllers to build a new kind of 3D body scanner. It’s not as precise as the technology in an MRI machine or a CT scan, but it’s much quicker. The new device could help some patients avoid sitting still in an MRI machine or getting exposed to the radiation of …

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Agony has 15 minutes of uncensored body horror for you

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube Sometimes a game comes along with a name that tells you everything, and Agony is one of those. If you fancy crawling through a literal hell composed of mashed and contorted human beings, chased by horned monsters, this is the one for you. Read more: the best horror games on PC. There’s a lengthy new gameplay video doing the rounds that shows you exactly the kind of Dante-esque horror you’re …

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