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Gears of War 4’s October update adds new maps and Xbox One X support

Microsoft just revealed the contents of Gears of War 4’s October update and aside from new maps and experience bonuses, it includes Xbox One X support. Don’t get too excited though. Despite saying that the Xbox One X patch would be available with this update, they didn’t exactly reveal what enhancements the game will be receiving on Microsoft’s upcoming console. However, the maps are other changes in the patch are of note. Fuel Depot and …

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Metroid Prime 4’s Surprising Early Reveal Explained By Nintendo

by Nathan Birch | June 17, 2017 (Photo: Nintendo) In recent years Nintendo has become rather cautious about revealing games. More often than not, new titles are only unveiled months, if not weeks, before they’re set to be released. It can be a somewhat frustrating policy for fans, but its one that keeps expectations and hype levels carefully in check. For the most part, Nintendo stuck to their blueprint at E3 2017. Almost everything …

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Shoot the Nazi nuclear project in the balls in Sniper Elite 4’s new Deathstorm: part 2 DLC

Sniper Elite 4, a game chiefly about shooting Nazis in the privates and secondarily about being a sniper in World War II, is getting another injection of DLC today. Entitled ‘Deathstorm Part 2: Infiltration’, it’ll continue the mini-campaign first introduced in the last DLC. Shoot all the things from all the distance in the best sniper games on PC. You can find that on Steam here, where the game’s gravel-voiced protagonist Agent Karl Fairburne gives …

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Sniper Elite 4’s first DLC arrives this week

Sniper Elite 4, the cult-hit stealth shooter on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, launches its first DLC on Tuesday in the form of a premium expansion and a free addition to its multiplayer. The premium DLC, billed as a mini-campaign, puts hero Karl Fairburne in a Nazi naval base (above), bombed all to shit like the ending of Das Boot. Fairburne has to clean up and locate a mysterious package, critical to the …

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