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Suning Gaming collapses under the might of Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming made quick work of Suning Gaming to start the League of Legends Pro League Playoffs in Shanghai, taking a swift 3-0 series victory on Tuesday.

Suning Gaming came into this series on the back foot, starting a game down due to its seeding coming into playoffs, while Invictus Gaming went into the series with momentum in its corner, as if it needed another advantage over SNG. Game 1 saw relatively normal drafts from both sides, with IG picking up Cho’Gath for top laner Kang “TheShy” Seung Lok and Tristana for AD carry Chen “West” Long. SNG responded with a “Protect the Kog’Maw” composition focused on AD carry Lee “Fury” Jin-yong. While Fury had strong performances in previous series, and started this series with a solid lead, the rest of SNG struggled to find individual successes. With an Ardent Censer Lulu in his corner, Fury dominated in fights… until TheShy crashed the party and ate all the cake, presents, and Fury himself. The instant, uncounterable one-shots that Cho’Gath was capable of with Feast completely shut Fury down in the later game. Coupled with a fed West, who was also a terror in late game fights, IG found back-to-back teamfight wins and closed out Game 1 in just 27 minutes.

After the Game 1 defeat, what transpired can only be described as a complete collapse of Suning Gaming as its confidence was visibly shattered. From the draft phase, the team made critical mistakes, once again giving over Tristana to West and now allowing IG to couple it with Lulu for support Wang “Megan” Liu-Yi. SNG picked up several early kills for themselves in the top lane off of ganks jungler Yang “MopPeT” Zhi-Hao’s Sejuani, SNG could not contain its composure. IG took over the game with several skirmish victories, amassing a sizeable lead while SNG completely lost control of the game. IG looked to tighten the noose in the midgame, forcing fights left and right and consistently coming out ahead. Without any way back into the game, SNG was forced to sit by as it was pushed into its base, doing little more than dying to delay the inevitable IG flood. Invictus was calm and methodical as it claimed an uncontested Baron before closing out the game in 23 minutes, securing the clean series sweep.

Throughout the entire series, Invictus Gaming’s bottom lane stood out as the most impressive factors. Despite previously being criticized as one of the worst duos in the league, the two stormed into the series as a relentless unit, not giving up an advantage in lane and capitalizing on the smallest enemy mistake to get ahead. As a result, the pair made the games as easy as possible for the rest of IG, hard carrying IG to a one-sided series victory.

After the dominant win, Invictus Gaming moves on to face OMG with a large amount of confidence.

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