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Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season reinforcements are due to arrive next week

Mid-season reinforcements

Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season reinforcements are scheduled to launch next week. According to Matthew Szep, community manager for Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, the reinforcements for Operation Blood Orchid should arrive around Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

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Mid-season reinforcements are important to the ongoing balance of Rainbow Six Siege. They’re often the home of major operator overhauls, as well as various other buffs and nerfs. Major focus this time around is expected to be on Blitz, but some tweaks to Kapkan are likely to make it into the update too.

A lot of attention is also expected to be paid to bug fixes. Despite Operation Health, which aimed to polish up the game, there are still a lot of bugs plaguing the game, and a significant part of the mid-season patch will be on polishing up some of those.

It’s possible that the changes to recoil that Ubisoft have been discussing recently could be arriving in the patch, but it’s more likely that those will arrive some time later, as fixing various bugs and exploits seems to be a more important issue.

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