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Overwatch Getting 4K Support for Xbox One X

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More details to come in the future.

Blizzard has announced plans to add 4K resolution support to Overwatch on Xbox One X.

“The team is currently exploring how the game experience can be enhanced on this platform to leverage the console’s incredible hardware, and is working on implementing 4K resolution in the game on Xbox One X,” Blizzard told Windows Central.

Blizzard said it’s “very important for the team to make sure the user interface looks natural on a truly big screen,” and will provide more details about its plans for 4K support on Xbox One X sometime in the future.

There’s no shortage of new content on the horizon for Overwatch players. Earlier this month at BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard revealed the game’s next hero, a support healer named Moira, and pulled back the curtain on Blizzard World, a new map that draws inspiration from the studio’s array of different games.

Check out our hands-on impressions of Moira, to find out why the new Overwatch hero is unique, despite being very similar to some of the game’s other support characters.

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