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Nintendo Switch Getting Four Incredible Games This Week

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It’s going to be a sweet, sweet week for Nintendo Switch owners. Whether you’re itching for some classic platforming action, some intense action combat, a unique and beautiful indie adventure, or a multiplayer join that will have you and your friends rolling with laugther, Nintendo has something for you. The 3DS and Switch eShops are getting flooded with incredible games this week, but there are four Switch games in particular that you can’t miss.

Flip Wars – This tense multiplayer action game will have you stomping to flip over panels—and unwitting opponents. To win, flip the most panels to your color in local battles, online or single-player. The more you flip, the faster you’ll move in a mad dash to nab power ups. Increase your flip range, turn invincible, and more across three modes and 12 arenas.

Sonic Mania – 2D Sonic is back in a new adventure. In a celebration of past and future, play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles as you race through new Zones and fully re-imagined classics, each filled with exciting surprises and powerful bosses. Go head to-head with players in Competition Mode or play in Co-Op Mode with a friend. Welcome to the next level for the world’s fastest blue hedgehog. Sonic Mania will be available on Aug. 15.

Severed – From the creators of the Guacamelee! Game and inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, Severed puts players in the role of a one-armed warrior named Sasha who wields a living sword on her journey through a nightmarish world in search of her family.


Phantom Trigger – Stan is losing control. The phantom realm brings arcane hexes into a pulsing neon reality, where demons fight in packs and use every trick they have to break your defense. Throw spells and traps mid-combo, ride the edge of control and chaos in this fresh take on action combat. You are your own worst enemy in Phantom Trigger.

And don’t forget! You can also log on to the Japanese Nintendo eShop right now and download a demo for Monster Hunter XX. Since the Switch is region-free you’ll be able to play it no problem, but you won’t understand a word (unless you understand Japanese). It will still give you a chance to scratch that Monster Hunter itch, though, and it will show you just how fantastic a 3DS game can look running on the Nintendo Switch!

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