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Nintendo Switch eShop Now Lets You Save Credit Card Info

The oft-requested feature to save your credit card information in the Nintendo Switch eShop is now a reality.

As YouTube channel GameXplain shows, you’ll be able to save credit card information in the eShop, Nintendo’s online storefront for games and other software, as soon as you are about to purchase something with your credit card. Just select a game, select “proceed to purchase,” select “credit card,” select the amount of funds you want to put into the eShop, and then select the check box next to the “next” button in the screen where you enter your credit card info.

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GameXplain (Screenshot by Jack Fennimore)

Now whenever you buy a game on the eShop, it will automatically use whatever credit card you saved. You no longer have to reenter your credit card information whenever you want to purchase a new game, which was a big criticism when the eShop first opened on the Nintendo Switch. You can even choose to have your credit card info protected by a password. You can also change the card you want to save. Funds can be shared across the eShops on the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U if you link all your systems with a single Nintendo account, according to a press release from Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch has yet to release other anticipated services for the eShop, including the Virtual Console for buying older Nintendo software. The system’s online multiplayer functionality will also become available only with a paid subscription starting Fall 2017, but will offer online lobby and voice chat, smartphone app integration, exclusive deals for the eShop, and one free NES or SNES game to play (but only for a month) once the subscription service is launched.

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