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Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds A Lot Of New Games This Week

It’s another packed week of releases for Nintendo Switch. A total of 14 games launch for the hybrid console this week, nine of which arrive in the Eshop today, October 19.

Headlining this week’s batch of releases is Fire Emblem Warriors, the hack-and-slash Fire Emblem spin-off by Dynasty Warriors developer Koei Tecmo. The game releases for Switch (and New 3DS) on October 20 and features more than 20 characters taken from past Fire Emblem titles, including Chrom, Marth, and fan-favorite hero Lyn. It also incorporates many of Fire Emblem’s signature mechanics into the Warriors series’ large-scale battles, such as permadeath and the weapon triangle. Fire Emblem Warriors retails for $60/£50 on Switch and $40/£40 on New 3DS. You can learn more about the title in GameSpot’s Fire Emblem Warriors review.

Fire Emblem Warriors
Fire Emblem Warriors
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Also available this week is Elliot Quest, a retro-style adventure-platformer inspired by classic titles like Zelda II and Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. The game puts players in the role of Elliot, who embarks on a quest to lift a curse placed on him by the demon Satar. Players must guide Elliot across the island of Urele, collecting new spells and abilities to navigate through five dungeons and defeat the game’s 16 bosses. You can download Elliot Quest for $10.

Other notable releases this week include the latest ACA Neo Geo game, Robo Army ($8/£6.29); the party game compilation The Jackbox Party Pack 4 ($25/£20); Square Enix’s co-op exploration game Spelunker Party ($30/£25, with a free demo available); and the psychedelic, over-the-top Party Golf ($15/£13.49). You can find the full list of this week’s releases below.

This Week’s Nintendo Switch New Releases

October 17

  • Don’t Knock Twice
  • Rogue Trooper Redux

October 18

October 19

  • ACA Neo Geo Robo Army
  • The Count Lucanor
  • Elliot Quest
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 4
  • Jydge
  • Party Golf
  • Revenant Saga
  • Spelunker Party
  • Super Ping Pong Trick Shot

October 20

  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Syberia

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