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Naughty Dog Talks New Crash Bandicoot, Jak 4 and Uncharted Remastering – IGN News

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  1. dam I saw the title and got hyped then saw the date of the vid….why why

  2. yea just do jak 4 and crash game

  3. They cant do jak 4 and crash bandicoot reboot at the same time

  4. Take a look at my profile picture… Guess what I'm still waiting for.

  5. Anyone think they should make Crash Bandicoot: The Naughty Dog Collection? Crash 1, 2, 3 and CTR all on one disc along with remastered graphics?
    I'm personally not a fan of the Naughty Dog games as my first Crash game was WoC, but I feel this could work for the Naughty Dog fans.

  6. It better be a good crash bandicoot like the originals and not end up like crash of the Titans

  7. STOP FUCKING GIVING ME HOPE. Stop toying with my emotions! A new Crash Bandicoot would be everything and all this false hope makes me CRY.

  8. They're not bringing them back. Naughty Dog, you destroyed my life.

  9. Bring crash back! It's already sad to see all PlayStation characters in battle royal but not have the PlayStations number one icon in the game

  10. Well the uncharted remastering happens sooo

  11. Please bring back my child hood games it will refresh me

  12. The 2nd crash bandicoot game was the first game I ever played

  13. It makes sense these days 

  14. I'M GONNA KILL PRAXIS!…if we don't get another Jak game 

  15. even the most realistic drake/joel cant top jak.. cmonn naughty dog give us what we want…playstation needs an icon!

  16. If they bring back crash I hope it won't be like the the other monster beat down games, but hope it go's back to the old crash bandicoot I've grown with and loved on my ps1, and 2. This is my opinion I've been waiting for my favorite bandicoot to come back he will for ever be my Playstation icon and the mascot for my Playstation!

  17. Character driven is not something you should be thinking about when making video games.

  18. Hum a remaster Uncharted trilogy on the ps4 not a bad hope they make the graphics more the remaster last of us 

  19. Naughty Dog has to make Crash Bandicoot 8.  I am sick of waiting for a new Crash game.  I wanted a new one since I played Mind Over Mutant.  I liked all the Crash games and I am upset because there hasn't been one announced for years.  Give me more Crash. 

  20. How can that be possible if Activison own Crash? Unless… The guys from Naughty Dog are thinking of buying Crash! :O

  21. If they made a new Crash game, they could make Crash Sonic's new rival and crush the blue spikeball…that would be great :D

  22. I miss Crash Team Racing :(

  23. The thing is Jak and Dexter has a grate narrative and very well developed character's. I think it's perfect to bring it back. They have told the precursers story with the first 3 games now they can make a new series if they wanted and make it fit today's standards more. But still keep what has made Jak and Dexter special. As for crash I think it would be awesome to see crash turn into a more darker series than what it used to be (that's how jak ll and 3 were) but still keep what made it special. I really haven't cared for uncharted or the last of us. So I'd like to see them come back to Jak and crash. 

  24. I'm still waiting for Uncharted Racing.

  25. Well, Jak was heavily character driven, he'll, it was a template for uncharted, and hopefully, they will take the Risk of developing a long shot, because they can afford to risk it. And also jak 4 will look great in 1080p hd. Or 4K. Either way.

  26. If there will ever be a remastered Uncharted trilogy, all 3 games on one disc may be impossible, because the dual layer blu ray disc only holds up to 50

  27. I am a PC and Xbox 360 gamer that has just bought a PS4. I would jump on a Remastered Uncharted so fast!!! Pretty sure I'm not alone either, especially with the Success of GTA V and The Last of Us!

  28. Crash, Jak 4, and Uncharted remastering would make me buy the ps4

  29. This is what they've been saying for years, nothing planned but not out of the question. They were gonna do Jak 4 instead of TLOU but they "didn't know how to do it justice" or something. 

  30. I miss Jak and Daxter. 
    They seriously need to reconsider on making Jak 4!!!

  31. Please please pleas please please please Naughty Dog, BRING CHRASH BACK TO PS!!!!!!!

  32. i would actually buy a ps4 if a new jak game was released on the platform. crash is a nice addition as well. personally i think all the old franchises that made the system brands popular in the world should be rebooted for current gen systems. 

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  34. God I hope they do crash I love those games 

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