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Games Inbox: What video game would make a good movie?

I’m not too impressed with the Tomb Raider trailer either. That actress is good in other things but the whole thing almost looks like a fan film, and that bit with the two pistols was super cheesy. It probably will be better than most video game movies, but I can’t see it being actually good compared to something else.

Video game movies have two problems: they’re all rubbish as films themselves (usually because they have cheap, no talent directors and writers) and because there’s nothing to gain by making the game a film. Tomb Raider already looks really cinematic and unless they suddenly give Lara a lot more to say, which I doubt judging by the trailer, you might as well just watch a longplay of the game.

What would work much better is a first person shooter game, because there you don’t see the main character and so a movie instantly has something different to do with the same material. Something like Doom is pointless because it hasn’t got a story (and they didn’t even get the setting right) but BioShock, for example, would be great: memorable setting, a story with an actual point, and for once memorable characters. It wouldn’t be that expensive either, but unlike, say, Far Cry it would be just a generic action movie if you took the first person view away.

Half-Life would be another obvious example, but anything with a story where you can show it from a different angle. Fallout and Skyrim would be other good ones, although their settings are a bit generic.

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