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What to Expect at E3 2017

By Tom Peden, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author

E3 is just around the corner and personally, I think it’s time for a healthy dose of speculation. The biggest video game event of the year usually has a few surprises up its sleeve, but you can also take some pretty educated guesses about the announcements you’re likely to see.

Every year fans clamber onto YouTube to watch the live streams in anticipation for details on their new favourite title. There is rumored to be some pretty spectacular releases later this year, including consoles and huge AAA games. After doing our research, scouring the Internet and social media, we’ve brought you the info on what you can expect to see at E3.

E3 will take place in Los Angeles this year, at the convention centre in downtown (where else, right?). It all kicks off on Tuesday 13th June and runs until the following Thursday. Expect to see the usual press conferences, media briefings, and developers press events. Bethesda is also said to make a return, but it’s not yet known what they will announce. Sony, Ubisoft and EA are also holding similar events with some even holding Keynote highlights off site.


Let’s get started with what we’re pretty sure we will see at E3 this year and to get us under way, we will look at the potential console announcements.

We know PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo are all holding events at the convention this year and from recent social media posts and other news outlets sources, we have some idea what they are likely to talk about.

Nintendo doesn’t hold press conferences at E3 anymore, but they still have an online presentation, which coincides with the event. Nintendo is likely to focus on the Switch at E3 as it’s their newest major release. The highly successful consoles are high in demand at the moment, which could be attributed to the breakout success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo also plans to talk about the new 2DS XL, which is due to be released in July, and as well as showing off some of the Switch games coming later this year.

XBOX have publicly announced their briefing times on social media already, asking fans to brace for big news. It’s likely we will hear details on Project Scorpio as well as new XBOX One consoles that add 4K resolutions. We can also expect to hear about some of the exclusive XBOX games during the presentation, one of which is Crackdown 3. With that said, other details about the conference remain unknown, but I think it’s safe to say the main focus will be on consoles and hardware.

PlayStation seems to have a huge number of exclusive titles coming out this year: Spider-Man, Last of Us 2 and Gran Turismo Sport just to name a few. Sony already has its 4K console out, so I guess its unlikely we will see any new hardware announced. I imagine the PlayStation conference will have a high focus on its exclusive titles, and for good reason, they seem to have the best ones.

Game Announcements

We briefly talked about the Bethesda conference earlier and they are just one of a number of developers to have a press event at E3 this year. I can place a safe bet that we won’t be hearing about The Elder Scroll 6 this year. In an interview last year, Todd Howard, the game’s director stated that there are 2 new IPs, which are not Fallout or Elder Scrolls related are going to be developed, whether we will hear something about them is anyone’s guess. Bethesda did manage to keep Fallout Shelter completely under the radar before its announcement, so an unexpected announcement, kind of like “here it is, enjoy” wouldn’t be too far-fetched. It’s more than likely that we’re going to be hearing about Quake champions and the rumoured Fallout & Doom VR releases though.

EA also have a conference this year, but much like they did last year, have chosen to hold this event off site. A bold decision, but it seemed to pay off. EA is something of a franchise company, one which releases an ongoing stream of titles, year after year. Expect to see announcements for FIFA 18 and Madden with that in mind.

I would also expect details on Star Wars: Battlefront II as well. After leaked trailers and trickles of information emerging, it’s almost a certainty that we will hear some concrete details and have some gameplay to chew on.

Some of the other notable developers making appearances at E3 are Ubisoft and Activision. Ubisoft is releasing South Park: The fractured but whole, which is one of my most anticipated games of this year. The game is set to release in the fall of this year so I’d expected to see some chunks of gameplay shown off at E3. It’s all a bit hush, hush at Ubisoft at the moment and there is no news on if we will hear about a new Assassins Creed game or Farcry, but rumours are circling as we approach the big day.

Activision has recently released a trailer for the up and coming Call of Duty: World War 2 – a throwback to their roots and one that’s surely going to be shown off at E3. It’s unclear if we will get more trailers for this title or we will see some actual gameplay, but I’d be shocked if we did have more details by the end of the event. Destiny 2 is also going to be released later this year, and this is another game I’d expect Activision to provide details on. The first Destiny seemed to take an age to finally be a worthy title, so Activision needs to tread carefully with this next release. Last but not least, I’d expect details on Crash Bandicoots N. sane trilogy to be at the Activision conference as they are publishing the title. I’m unsure as to how much we will see of Crash, but perhaps details on pre-orders and maybe some new gameplay.

There is a lot more planned for E3 this year and every year it just seems to get bigger and bigger. We haven’t laid out even half of the events and developer conferences planned. Perhaps we will see some Red Dead Redemption 2 for example or further details on Oculus rift? Whatever the case, expect to have your news feed flooded with trailers, gameplay and announcements come mid-July. We have about a month to go before the big day now and although I’m still waiting for my invite to E3 (I’m guessing it’s in the post) I couldn’t be more excited about what we will see.

What are you looking forward to most about E3 this year? Are there any titles you would have put in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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