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Elder Scrolls Online Poised for a Nostalgic Appeal with Morrowind

By Zachary Smith, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author         

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has maintained a sizable player base and relative popularity, and yet many fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise have long-struggled to acclimate to it. While Zenimax is widely heralded to have done justice to a daunting amount of lore, a recurrent complaint has been that much of the game’s stylings push back against the standards of the series. There are hopes, though, that the approaching release of Morrowind in June might strike a nostalgic enough chord to pull many gamers back.1 Add to that the addition of ESO’s first new class since launch back in 2014 and there seems to be a few reasons to consider trying (or revisiting) Zenimax’s world.

Starting with the obvious: Morrowind harkens back to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (the third release in the Elder Scrolls franchise). The original Morrowind, like most of the Elder Scrolls games, was released to wide critical acclaim. Predictably, Zenimax’s announcement that Morrowind would be the newest playable zone for ESO has garnered a LOT of attention. Worth noting though is that ESO’s timeline is taking place roughly 700 years prior to the events of the original Morrowind, meaning players are getting the chance to visit a familiar setting far earlier in the overarching story’s timeline.

The approaching opportunity to revisit a classic Elder Scrolls setting has certainly attracted the attentions of Elder Scrolls fans regardless of their feelings on ESO itself, but an added thrill for ESO players in particular is the previously mentioned addition of a new class: the Wardens. Wardens are being added in with three skill lines: Animal Companions, Green Balance, and Winter’s Embrace.  Like most classes in ESO, the Warden class is intended to offer a good deal of flexibility. Animal Companions provides various DPS options and an Ultimate that summons a grizzly bear to fight by your side. Green Balance gives an option to players wanting to protect or heal themselves & allies and an Ultimate that provides an AOE heal. Winter’s Embrace reduces damage and creates barriers and includes an Ultimate designed to provide AOE damage while impairing movement speed for enemies. And – of course – with ESO’s allowance for any class to use any weapon or armor type, customization options run a very wide gambit.

ESO’s Morrowind content will also include a new Battleground-style PVP option (4v4v4) and a new 12-player Trial – ensuring that not only is there new scenery, quests, and character design options, but also new high-level content for maxed players.  Now – add to that the excitement that came with an announcement April 17th (just this Monday) via ESO’s social media pages: invite-only access to the Morrowind Public Test Server has begun going out to active account e-mails. That’s right: a new world awaits in Elder Scrolls Online, and some lucky players are getting a firsthand peek at it now.

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