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Dota 2 is getting review-bombed because people think it “killed” Half-Life 3

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Dota 2 is getting review-bombed by angry Half-Life fans who believe Valve’s continued support of the MOBA comes at the expense of a third instalment of the beloved series.

The Half-Life games are on our list of the best shooters on PC.

Why? Well, yesterday we reported how Valve alumni Marc Laidlaw – a former Valve writer who worked on the Half-Life series before becoming the lead writer for Dota 2 – has written a “fanfic” (his words, not mine) blog that gives us an insight into what Episode 3 might have been.

Fans aren’t taking the news well, though, and Valve’s getting the brunt of their ire. Comments from the negative reviewers on the Dota 2 steam page added in the last day or so include: “This game is very good. But Half-Life is better,” “Negative review in memory of half life 3,” “Not only is this game a miserable bore, it killed Valve’s creativity and eliminated any need to finish the Half-Life series. Thanks Gabe!”

Dota 2 players are hitting back, though. “Half life is ♥♥♥♥♥♥ move on idiots” retorts one “favourable” Dota 2 review. So that’s nice.  

For everything else we know about Half-Life 3, we have a dedicated article.

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