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Destiny 2 Bug Sends Trials of the Nine Offline for 2 Weeks

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“Emote glitching” is the cause.

Destiny 2’s most popular competitive multiplayer mode, Trials of the Nine, will be postponed due to a glitch.

In a post on Bungie.net, Bungie said that the next two instances of Trials – held on weekends – will be postponed because of “emote glitching” in The Crucible. The team is currently working on a fix that they plan to deploy at the beginning of November.

In other Destiny 2 news, its first prestige raid is now live and the specs for the Destiny 2 PC version have been revealed. We also have some suggestions on how to make Destiny 2 even better, including expanding the farm, adding north to the mini-map, and adding more depth to public events.

In our review of Destiny 2, we said that its excellent co-op and competitive shooting, rewarding loot, and strong social elements will keep us playing.

Lucy O’Brien is Games & Entertainment Editor at IGN’s Sydney office. Follow her on Twitter.

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