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Opinions, Insight, and Analysis. AFK Style for all to enjoy and contribute. Contact Sloppy Beef (admin) if you’re interested in contributing and being a part of this movement. These articles are intended to be for the insightful, educated, and mature gaming audience.

Can the Switch Succeed or Will These Flaws Finally Sink Nintendo’s ship?

by Jeffrey Vadala PhD “The Digital Anthropologist”, Gaming News Daily Contributing Author The Nintendo switch looks like a potentially groundbreaking new portable/home console hybrid. Its daring design may bring Nintendo success or it may finally sink Nintendo’s sinking ship. Given that the Wii U was a critical failure for Nintendo the Switch’s success is even more important. Issues with the Switch could sink Nintendo forcing it out of the console business like Sega. The issues related …

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Censorship in the Future of VR

by Drew Saylor Gamer News Daily Contributing Author After a short experience in VR everyone’s mind tends to wonder how real of an experience we can create. Virtual reality has nearly endless potential ranging from travel and real estate to education and training for the armed forces. How real could the experience of flying a plane or racing a Formula 1 car become? How could VR let you see the world or go far into …

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Overwatch – This is Why Genji’s Ult Doesn’t Make Any Sense, is Underpowered, and Needs to be Buffed

First off, let me just first begin by saying that all you Genji haters can leave and get out of here. Ya ya we know that you hate Genji, and that you think that he’s the cheapest, most unfair character in the game. And that if you know how to play him you can totally dominate every game and solo the other team/carry your own team on your backs…and blah blah blah…and so on and so forth.. …

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Overwatch – Here’s Why Symmetra is OP as FUARKKKKKKK Right Now (Pt. 2)

If you missed the first installment, please see part 1 –> Here Now, on to part 2; I’m going to make this one a very simple one right now. The second reason why Symmetra is OP right now (in addition to her annoying ‘gun’) is because of her turrets! OK like seriously! Those things are unbelievably OP right now! First let’s talk about them a little bit. Here’s their stats and stuff: 25 DPS 10 meter range 1 …

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Overwatch – Here’s Why Symmetra is OP as FUARKKKKKKK Right Now (Pt. 1)

Is #Symmetra OP? Yes. (the answer is “yes”) OK so by now we’ve all seen, played with, and experience the pain/rage/pleasure of Symmetra’s changes to #Overwatch. Now obviously the Symmetra mains are celebrating like it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. Ya well that’s because you guys suck at aiming and your guy does enough damage where even the noobest of the noobz can actually destroy pretty much anyone (up to and including the stronger tanks like …

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