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Bungie are removing a Destiny 2 gauntlet that “shares elements with a hate symbol”

destiny 2 gauntlet removal

Bungie have just revealed that they are removing a gauntlet from Destiny 2 that “shares elements with a hate symbol.” They say the similarities are not intentional, and they are working on the removal as quickly as they’re able.

The gauntlet in question is the Road Complex AA1, which features lettering and a green color reminiscent of the ‘Kekistan’ flag, a symbol of some alt-right groups.

Exactly what measures Bungie will take to remove the item or how that will affect players using it are unclear, but it seems that it would be a simple matter to cover the item with a new texture.

The symbol itself has a long and complex history in forum culture which is far too complicated to address here, but it came to prominence in recent times as a symbol for portions of the alt-right. The ‘Kekistan’ flag is often flown in support of those groups, and in marches promoting racism and white nationalism.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons affirms the decision on his own Twitter, emphasizing the company’s respect for players and coworkers of all backgrounds.

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