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Atelier Liddy and Soeur launches for PS4, Switch, and PS Vita this winter in Japan [Update]

Atelier Liddy and Soeur launches for PS4, Switch, and PS Vita this winter in Japan [Update]

First details on the latest Atelier game.

Atelier Liddy & Souer: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting will launch for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PS Vita this winter in Japan, the latest issue of Famitsu reveals. It will cost 7,300 yen on PlayStation 4 and Switch, and 6,300 yen on PS Vita. A limited edition will also be available for 10,300 yen and 9,300 yen, respectively.

The game features two protagonists. Players will not choose between them, however:

  • Liddy Marlen (voiced by Maria Naganawa) – Souer’s older sister. The quiet type.
  • Souer Marlen (voiced by Hikari Akao) – The energetic type, opposite of her older sister.

Liddy and Souer are twin sisters who run a small atelier in Melveille, the capital city of the Adalett Kingdom. One of the paintings they discover has a mysterious world within it.

The latest Atelier game is an adventure inside a painting. The synthesis system has seen a dramatic evolution with the introduction of “activation items.” Battles are “combination battles” where characters fight in pairs, and during which synthesis is also possible. 3D models have also significantly evolved.

First-print copies will include costume downloadable content that change the characters into Marie from Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg and Elie from Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2.

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Update 4:45 a.m.: A few more tidbits of information have come in.

Battles consist of three pairs of characters for a total of six characters in a party. Command input is only for characters in the front, and characters in the rear will take action automatically. Characters will be able to use super flashy combos.

Synthesis during battle is called “Battle Mix.” The synthesis itself takes on a simple form, allowing players to instantly create an item using the items they already have in their possession.

As your Atelier Rank rises, the paintings you can enter will also rise.

The basics of synthesis are the same as Atelier Firis, but the system has evolved with the use of “activation items.”

The game will have the feeling of an adventure while still mainaining its Atelier-ness.

Thanks, Ryokutya2089.

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