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5 Indie Games Available on Steam

By Tom Peden, Gamer News Daily Contributing Author

It’s said you can always find something to play on Steam. Your library might be like mine filled with hundreds of games. Games you’ve picked up over the years from various sales and special offers but never actually played – again like mine. Valve has a habit of presenting deals just too good to turn down and so your inevitable purchase occurs. Next time we get a Steam sale you might just want to look a little closer at some of the titles you might not think to buy. Yes most of us look for the big AAA titles, in the hope of a greatly reduced price, but Valve has given indie games a platform for success for years now. A huge number of indie games have been released on Steam and many have experienced success and gone on to create sequels and other titles from the back of that success. After looking through the Steam archives, I’ve brought you a list of 5 indie games you can buy on Steam right now. These may not be the newest games, but they are some of the most successful and innovative games. Some of these you might not even realise are indie titles at all.

So first of all, what is an indie game? An indie game is a video game created by a small independent studio, hence the name indie. These studios can be anything from one person to 50 people. The main difference between and indie studio and the AAA companies isn’t the size of the company, it’s the fact they work independently, sometimes for free and all for the project THEY want to create – not the studio executives.

Now you’ve had the history, let’s look at the titles, in no particular order; here are 5 indie titles you can buy on steam right now. Some of the titles may not be suitable for younger audiences.

5. Outlast

If you like being scared, whilst having little or no way to protect yourself then Outlast is the game for you. Developer Red Barrels brought this game to market in September of 2013 and since then there has been a huge rise in horror gaming. For me Outlast was one of the first games in this genre that really freaked you out. It’s tense, scary and at times utterly addictive.

Outlast has you try to survive and escape with your only weapons; wit and imagination. The engaging and surprising intriguing storyline has you gripped and fearful as you explore the game world in dim lighting and darkness.

Outlast has raving reviews from more than just this writer, so if you haven’t checked this title out before, add this one to your wishlist and wait for the sale.

4. Beat Cop

I first played Beat Cop at a gaming convention and it was one of the games that stuck in my head. A week later, I was still telling my friends about the 80s retro-inspired cop game I played at the convention. I don’t if it was the stylistic approach the game had me hooked or the really NSFW conversations the characters have. Fans of retro cop shows or 80s pop culture will love this game and as I told one friend, if you loved the novel Ready Player One, you’ll love this game. Beat Cop is crime investigation at its most retro and was released on 30th March 2017, so it’s the most recent game on our list. With multiple story endings and some laugh out loud moments mixed it, Beat Cop should already be on your wish list.

3. Broforce

Throwbacks to Arnie, Bruce Lee and Rambo along with explosions, guns and muscles make up the hilariously action packed Broforce. This Co-Op game is one for the wannabe action hero in all of us. Brofoce is a 2D side platform game, with a fully destructible environment and a whole lot of fun. Play with up to 4 friends, shooting your way through various levels and using some really funny parodies of real characters. Brommando, Rambro, Indiana Brones and Bronan the Brobarian all make and appearance as the constant laughs flow as you play the title. The quips and the characters really make this game. Hours of fun are to be had with Broforce and it really is the party game for you and your bros.

2. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve first attracted me with its art style. Its 2D cartoonish look stands out among other indie titles. It’s slightly noir if I may say so and the colouring and shading fit in with the survival horror tone. Don’t Starve is not, what has now become a traditional horror survival. Chop down a tree, make fire and avoid strange creatures as you craft your way through the mysterious world. The game throws you in at the deep end, and I think this is one of the reasons I liked it. No handholding and no instructions, you start the game with nothing but your need to fight, feed and survive. Randomly generated worlds keep the replayability of this game high as you try your hand at different worlds, all which hate you just as equally. Pick up Don’t Starve or any of the sequels on Steam right now.


1. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a truly stunning RPG. Set in a sort of mythological Nordic world, the game has you travel across the land as a caravan of warriors and diplomats. With excellent turn-based combat and a gorgeous hand-drawn art style, The Banner Saga is one of the games that sticks in your head – it’s instantly recognisable and almost unforgettable. The story told in this title is one the best of any indie game, with multiple choices and paths to go down, you’re able to have a different story on subsequent playthroughs. The Banner Saga is the first title in a planned trilogy. The second recently released game, aptly named The Banner Saga 2 has received equally as positive reviews. If you like fantasy RPGs and consider yourself a highly tactical player, you will love this title, it’s almost a guarantee. With the second game now released, The Banner Saga is likely to be in your price point and could be a great introduction into your new fantasy world.

These are just 5 of the many great indie games out there and with more planned, maybe in a couple of years, this list could be 10 games long. Next time you’re short on cash and wanting a new gaming experience, why not check out some of the titles on our list. AAA games aren’t always the games to play and some of the bigger companies can actually learn a lot from indie companies. The passion and the drive to create the games they want to play really shows in some titles and I think that’s clearly evident by our list of just 5 games out of the hundreds of other worthy titles.

Were there any titles you think we missed from our list? Let us know about your experience with indie titles in the comments section.

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